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Don't let your media plans get bogged down in heavy traffic, use TrapikADS from to keep your program moving, with excellent media values and innovative new service features.

  • Your advertising message stand alone attached to highly desired information and does not get lost in the clutter, differentiating you from the competition.


  • Advertising impressions are ideal at 15 seconds to provide 45 words of memorable copy that is retained by listeners to a greater degree than traditional ads. Translating into more exposures and higher brand recognition.


  • Advertising messages are live, so current promotions, information and related content are regarded with higher value to the listeners. Perceived as valuable news, not "advertising", TrapikADs create trust and loyalty among customers.


  • Studies show that radio reaches consumers closest to the time of purchase and nearest to the point of usage. Drive time traffic reports position your products and services perfectly for consumers to take action!


    Sponsorship of live airborne reports are available.

    Association with special event sponsorships, and visual images on the aircraft is available on a first come first serve basis.
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