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Diverse, dynamic, young and committed – these words come to mind when one mentions the team.

From the management to the broadcasters, the operations team to the programmers, we at have pledged to serve you to the best of our abilities.

Get to know the vibrant men and women that make up the team of!

Radio Operations
The back-bone of the company, they are the subtle and unsung heroes of who gathers and sifts all traffic information making sure they are always fresh and hot. Never failing, Evei Cruz , Jonalyn Salazar , are devoted to their work round-the-clock, six days a week.

You hear them on your radio and now it’s time for you to meet the people whose voices have mesmerized you and have made traffic reports sound less fatal. Take a peek and find out more about Indi Singh , Tina Arevalo , Candice Tijam , Angela Lagunzad , the broadcaster you have grown to love.

Web Development
Quite a small but growing team,you’d be surprised how this group could prove to be a blast! Exceptional talents and technical expertise cut these programmers and graphics artist above the rest. Mind you, they are not your stereotypes, and they’ve got their pages to prove it. Find out what do when they are veered away from their PCs!

Sales and Administration
Young at heart, they are the wise lot of the team. Acting more like our older brothers and sisters, they ensure that we uphold excellence in our service while keeping the office a fun-filled workplace. From the people of sales and administration departments we take after our industry and diligence; hats off to Aina Zapeda(Account Executive) , Bernadette Cruz(Account Manager) , Bianca (Broadcast Journalist) , Minerva Alcantara(Finance Officer) , .

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