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  1. What is MyTrapik?

  2. Manila's only - personalized, traffic reporting service.

  3. How does it work?

  4. Customized traffic reports are sent via SMS (texting) to your celphone or pager on the specific days and times that you select.

  5. What information do I receive?

  6. You may select up to 3 direction-specific routes of travel for each traffic update. MyTrapik is the only service that automatically threads, or links your selected routes together to form a complete Personalized Traffic Report, allowing you to monitor all of your routes of travel.

  7. How many routes can I choose from?

  8. currently provides information for 39 direction specific routes of travel in the Metro Manila service area. (more routes are under development)

  9. How often can I receive updates?

  10. Each MyTrapik Account allows you to manage up to 6 personalized traffic reports, per day (max 6 updates x max 3 routes each = max 18 routes per day)

  11. When I sign up, how do I change my schedule?

  12. Just login to your MyTrapik Account and make the required changes. You have full access to your account anytime 24 hours a day, via the internet, or by calling our hotline at 638-6875.

  13. If I leave town, do my reports keep coming?

  14. No. Now you can easily suspend your MyTrapik Account with a single mouse click, without resetting any of your current reporting schedules!

  15. How much does the service cost?

  16. does not charge user fees for this service. However your cellular service provider will charge info-text, info-on-demand or other text fees, depending on your service plan. (currently P.50 to P2.5 per message)

  17. Am I charged for each route I select?

  18. No. Our system has been specifically designed to minimize text message costs by selectively abbreviating traffic information (not eliminating it) and by allowing you to thread or link up to 3 routes of travel into a single text message.

  19. Can I text traffic updates back to

  20. Yes. If you see an accident and incident (e.g. flooding or blocked lanes) that is affecting the flow of traffic, or just want to report an open or free flowing route to, please call us directly on our 24 hour trapik hotline at 638-6875, or text us at the following numbers:

    Smart - text "TRAF REPORT your message here..." and send to 211
    Piltel - text "TRAF REPORT your message here..." and send to 211
    Globe - text "TRAF REPORT your message here..." and send to 2333.
    Touch Mobile - not available
    Nextel - not available

  21. Why do you need my Email address?

  22. Each time you change your Account Settings, automatically sends you an email message confirming your account settings. This provides you with a record of your current schedule and makes it easier to remember your own account details like your password.

  23. Is my personal information secure?

  24. Yes. We DO NOT sell your email address or provide any other personal information to any third parties for any reason. (See our Privacy Policy)

  25. What is an E-Alert?

  26. When serious traffic or transport effecting outages occur, e.g. sudden road closures, heavy flooding, serious traffic accidents or unscheduled transport outages that may adversely effect a large portion of the commuting public, our system automatically notifies all of our MyTrapik users via special email messages called E-alerts. These messages are designed to keep you informed and out of trouble, when everyone else starts to grind to a halt!

  27. What if I don't have access to the internet, can I still use MyTrapik?

  28. Yes. You can activate or change your account at any time, by calling the trapik hotline number 638-6875, directly from your celphone. When you do, just tell the operator you want to activate or change your MyTrapik account and provide the required access password assigned to your account.

  29. What if I forget my account password?

  30. Just text MYTRAPIK to your designated service number, (see above instructions) and we will automatically text your current password, directly to your celphone.

  31. How can I get help with MyTrapik?

  32. To receive operator assistance with your MyTrapik account, please call 638-6875 directly from your celphone, (have your password ready) or Email your questions to

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